Our Mission

What will it take to end hunger in the largest town in America?

We are Alicia and David Blais, owners of the Foodie Cafe in Framingham, MA and more importantly the founders of Daniel’s Table.

Three years ago we started with, what many believed, the crazy idea of ending hunger in the largest town in America. Today our aggressive effort to help has turned into a growing community of supporters who are committed to solving the hunger problem in this town of 70,000. When we started out we were serving 200+ meals per month. Today we have expanded our services to 9700+ meals every month. This makes us one of the largest provider of hot meals in this town.

Because the need in Framingham is 20,000 to 30,000 meals a month we have to grow and grow quickly. For every child we feed there are 5 more that go to bed hunger because we do not have the resources right now to reach them. We need to reach them now and with your support we will.                                                                                                                       We cannot solve this on our own, we need YOUR help!

Our Vision

this is what we do

We are constantly growing – our goal within the next year is be the largest server of hot meals in eastern Mass.  How do we do it? We take our first 6X8 foot food trailer into the neighborhoods of under served children and open our doors to anyone that is hungry. Our concept, and this is where we need your prayers and support, is to have 2 food trailers and 2 mobile grocery stores that travel the streets of Framingham on specific routes providing meals to all in need.

As you can imagine, a necessary part of our mission is to get as many people involved as possible. Through your support, the support of faith based organizations, social media, corporate sponsors and individuals we believe we can end hunger in Framingham. The idea is to create a model that can be carried nation wide. Our faith tells us that if we can end hunger in Framingham, other cities and towns across America will come here to view our model and Daniel’s Table will reach out across the USA. By joining us you will also be part of a mission that will fill the hearts and stomachs of the countless children, homeless and under served individuals that desperately need our support. 

                                                    Join us, let's end hunger!


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